I welcome you to my website with an open heart.

Welcome to Soaring Spirits Counseling, offering psychotherapy services to adults and adolescents, individuals, couples, and families.

I view the therapeutic relationship as a collaborative effort built on mutual respect and a sincere desire to expand our understanding and capacities as individuals. Through this collaboration, utilizing the art of healing conversation I join my client in exploring his/her inner world and daily life with the intention of taking direct action to release or change that which no longer serves him/her or does not belong in his/her life; with the goal of restoring balance between mind, body and spirit.

With a brave heart, stepping out on faith, I will look within with clear intention to create transformation and healing; freeing my spirit to soar.

Please explore my website to learn about me and the services I offer.

I am looking forward to beginning the first of many healing conversations to recognize, understand and effectively respond to the messages and events presented to you as you journey through this life.

If you’re interested in becoming a better, happier, more fulfilled you,
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Meet Yolanda M. Esatai, M.Ed., LPC EMDR II Psychotherapist

I view psychotherapy as a process of exploration and affirmation of one’s life path, including the experiences and wisdom gained along this journey. This is just the beginning point for the psychotherapeutic process of healing and identifying one’s pathway to continue the journey of personal growth, transformation and achieving balance (mind, body & Spirit). I see my role as a therapist as that of a witness and source of support and knowledge, joining with you to help facilitate the individual process of developing a deeper sense of self-awareness, achieving personal growth and transformation: to create the life you want.

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